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WDES Responsive Mobile Menu is a developer friendly WordPress responsive mobile menu. Providing easy access within your website in mobile with mobile friendly layout.

Give your mobile visitor a best experience using WDES Responsive Mobile Menu and not bored because they cannot access any pages on your site. This plugin has very flexible design in any mobile screen and no conflict CSS/JS to your theme.

You can manage styles, logo, etc. via admin options. This plugin is automatically running (if enabled in admin option) without doing any backend coding from several themes like WPCargo, Genesis, Outreach Pro, Executive Pro, Extended Pro, The7, Avada, Canvas, and Jupiter.

If your current themes is not mentioned above, you can still use WDES Responsive Mobile Menu by just adding the `wdes_responsive_mobile_menu()` function after the body opening tags. Normally this can be found in header.php of your theme template.


<?php wdes_responsive_mobile_menu(); ?>


  • Can select one of the `Navigation Menus` created in menu dashboard. Default is the menu that is set as primary.
  • It has `Header Top` section where you can add your `phone number`, `email address`, and `social networks`. This is displayed above your site logo and navigation menu.
  • Manage the `site logo`, `Background Color`, `Text Color`, `Text Font Size`, border, etc in WDES Responsive Mobile Menu page options.
  • `Custom CSS` where you can add you custom CSS codes (if needed).
  • `Import/Export` options.
  • More available layouts in WDES Responsive Mobile Menu Layouts.

WDES Responsive Mobile Menu Demo Site.





WDES Responsive Mobile Menu Layout 1 is an addon of WDES Responsive Mobile Menu. This addon enable the WDES Responsive Mobile Menu admin option. Without this, the WDES Responsive Mobile Menu option will not be useful.

To learn about WDES Responsive Mobile Menu, please click here.

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    Awesome plugin, keep it up

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